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    Junyue law firm was set up with the permission from Department of Justice in 1992 and was one of few law firms approved that time in China. Since then, the firm has accumulated a lot of practical experience and has been act as company lawyer for about 430 companies, such as Tianjin Textile Corp., Beijing Henji Corp and South Korea Putie Corp. etc.

The firm is located at 22th floor of Jinwan Media Building of Tianjin with modern office and communication equipment and has more than 20 lawyers, who have received high education in famous law school with multiple language capabilities, some of them are also certified professionals in accounting, tax and evaluation.  Junyue Law firm divided its business into specific areas from early on and has 8 different teams now, which are foreign service, criminal trial, lawsuit and arbitration, security, property right, real estate, company law, labor and health, traffic accident, plus another independent team doing research and business development. It provides wide services in many areas with professional’s expertise and team’s resultant force  .

Our success is built on our leading ideas, precise attitude, keen thinking.Our goal is to serve people who need lawful support, with the belief that our client’s right is paramount to all others.Our professional codes are Justice, Fairness and Rightness.Our core values are our working as professional team, trying out-of -court solution first, building good reputation, serving international clients.We have won our reputation in term of fidelity, honesty, self-discipline and quality.

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